Dive the Maldives!

Scuba diving in the Maldives is a dream. Top of most divers' wish lists, the Maldives is located 900 km south-west of the Indian subcontinent. It consists of 1190 islands, grouped in 26 main atolls. You experience your first view of the Maldives before landing at Hulhule airport, with the images of white pearls surrounded by all the emotions of various shades of blue sea.

The islands and the atolls pass right below the wings of your aircraft. The sea plays a predominant role in the Maldives, with its astounding variety of colourful forms of life. These islands sit on one of the most beautiful and breathtaking reefs of our planet, with overhangs, covered by corals of all colours and shapes and caves carved in the reef walls.
"Neutral buoyancy is a state of equilibrium, a liberation from gravity's tiresome pull that frees not just the body, but also the mind."
-Tim Ecott: "Neutral Buoyancy"

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