Ali Giri

Boat trip: 20 min
Reef type: giri
Level: beginner to advanced
Depth: 5-30m

This tiny round shaped reef is found inside the North Male atoll. This pinnacle starts shallow at only 2 meters and slopes down to 25 meters. If current allows, divers can circle the pinnacle on one dive. The top is covered in colourful hard corals, including table, brain and skeleton species. This coral eden is home to a wide variety of tropical fishes, including different kinds of anthias, fusiliers, cleaner wrasses and anemonefish. Here you might also encounter turtles and watch them as they feast on all the corals. At the end of the slope, at 20 meters of depth, there are big coral blocks where divers can admire the many glass fish and look out for tiny shrimps and nudibranches.