Ali Reef

Boat trip: 20 min
Reef type: reef wall inside channel
Level: beginner to advanced
Depth: 5-30m

This channel dive is the house reef of Gamarugiri, a factory island producing tissue paper. Depending on the current, which can be light to strong, divers will drop either side of this beautiful long reef. The top reef starts from 5 meters and drops off at 30 meters, and is well known for the variety of its topography, which includes a slope, a bay and a steeper wall with a few caves. The marine life is also incredibly diverse here. Divers should look out for schools of eagle rays, jack fish and giant trevallies, as well as huge tunas and occasional reef sharks swimming in the blue. On the reef, the coral life is plentiful, ranging from sea fans, black corals and bright yellow and blue soft corals. A dive you won’t easily forget!