Alimatha Island

Alimatha is in Vaavu Atoll and sits on the eastern edge of Maldives roughly 4 degrees north of the equator. Its reef is the southern edge of Myaru Kandu, one of the most famous channel dives in the whole world. This dive location is so beautiful that it has been included within the government-sanctioned list of protected dive sites. Myaru in Dhivehi – the Maldivian language – means shark and Kandu means channel: the name says it all. Another protected dive site is Fotteyo Kandu, a 90 minutes boat ride from Alimatha: the spectrum of different colours found in the wall-covering soft corals is astounding, truly a case of nature being more fantastic than fantasy itself.

Diving in the Maldives is a true pleasure for beginners and expert divers alike; the sheer quantity of dive sites, 12 months diving, easy access/proximity to dive sites, abundant and often rare marine fauna make it an incredible dive area. TGI Maldives Alimatha Diving Center has been operational since 2006. TGI Alimatha organizes morning and afternoon diving trips every day, half and full day diving excursions, night dives and day and night snorkeling trips to the best sites of the Atoll.

Alimatha is the complete Maldivian destination for all tourists because it has it all: world-level diving for both experienced and beginners, aquarium-like snorkeling sites, emerald shallow waters for swimming and playing with the kids, completely surrounded by sand with both secluded areas and a central beach location with bar, music and animation, Areyuvedic massage centre, watersports corner with windsurfing, canoeing and cat sailing, main restaurant and specialty one. By choice Alimatha does not have TVs or telephones in the guest rooms; this by itself says a lot about the philosophy behind Alimatha Resort.