Ambara Thila

Experience level: Easy dive site that’s also suitable for beginners. Generally a sheltered and protected site.

Fauna: Expect to see napoleons, turtles, moray eels and a lot of colourful Indian Ocean reef fish. In the deeper water to the side of the Thila, keep your eyes open for bigger pelagic fish. Ambara Thila is characterised by hundreds of gorgeous anemones.

Particular features: Caves and overhangs.

During the North-East Monsoon: As the dive site is relativlely round, it doesn’t matter in which direction you start your dive. Startingin the deepest area, you can see many coral blocks with lots of reef fish and some caves with black bush corals and thousands of glass fish. Swim all around the Thila if current allows until you reach the top reef which is full of hard corals and many colorful fish, such as anthias, anemonefish and damselfish.

During the South-West Monsoon: As per the North-East Monsoon.

Safety Considerations: If there is a slightly stronger current, it might be hard going to swim completely around the Thila. Stay close to the reef.