Cute baby sharks around Sangeli

Cute baby sharks around Sangeli

Situated on the west side of the island, Sangeli lagoon is an important nursing ground where juvenile sharks can be seen swimming every day.

Thanks to his daily observations, Mat, our marine biologist, discovered that two species of sharks use the shallow waters of the lagoon as a safe habitat to live and hunt: blacktip reef sharks and sicklefin lemon sharks.

Both pups and juveniles of these species are regularly seen, with sizes estimated between 50-100 cm for blacktips and 60-130 cm for lemon sharks. The smaller sharks are quite numerous, with sometimes up to 10-12 of these pups being observed simultaneously while they hunt small schooling fish that aggregate in very shallow water. High tide seems to be the best time to go and check out these cute little baby sharks, as they come and swim along the beach over the shallow sandy areas.

In addition to baby sharks, you can also see stingrays and the occasional eagle ray, big schools of hunting trevally, reef fish and small moray eels swimming in the clear waters of the lagoon.

If you have planned to come to Sangeli soon, make sure you have a walk on the west side of the island to see these cute little creatures!