Bathala Maaga KT

The diving section of Bathala Maaga Khan Thila is about 300 metres long and 20 metres wide, the depth ranges from 4 to 30 metres.  The top of the reef is flat with a drop off on each side, steeper on the ocean side.  The quality of the dive depends mostly on the visibility and the current.  When the visibility is often 30 to 40 metres.  It is an amazing dive. 

The coral is very nice on the reef top at depth of 4 to 12 metres. There are small interesting caves on the inner side of the reef between 25 and 30 metres.  There is a flat sandy bottom on the inner side of the reef with depths ranging from 9 to 35 metres, you can often find white tips sleeping on the bottom here.  The reef top is the best part for coral and to watch eagle rays, manta rays and huge tuna fish swimming by.  When the current does not allow swimming along the top, the best solution is to follow the side from where the current comes.  In the current you can find congregating on the plankton rich waters. 

As this reef is at the edge of the atoll, the marine life here is very active. It is a busy hunting area, especially when the current is moderate to strong.  In this case it is wonderful to watch the elegant movements of a large school of grey reef sharks that usually hover around the deep end of the thila at 35 metres. Other fishes to be found are groupers, big schools of snappers, jack fishes, fusiliers, barracudas and huge tunas.  Often one can see young turtles, small manta rays, eagle rays and dolphins (at the surface only). 

This is a high powered dive and should be avoided if not comfortable in medium to strong currents.