Beyru Kandu Thila

Beyru Kandu Thila is a very long submerged part of the barrier of the atoll (about 600 m.). The top of it varies between 8 and 16 meters and is about 20 meters large.  The current comes normally perpendicularly from the reef, so there is always a way to dive there, even when it is quite strong.  Divers are protected from the current as soon as they reach 4 m. deeper than the top, on either side.  The best dive on Beyru Kandu is on the top when there is no current. 

It is the best part for the coral and to watch eagle rays, manta rays and huge tuna fish passing close to the surface.  When the current does not allow it at Beyru Kandu, the best solution is to follow the side from where the current comes, where fishes hover to feed.  The coral is particularly well preserved as the reef starts well under the surface and as such it is a beautiful garden.  There are a lot of shells, moray eels and all kinds of fishes hiding under big coral masses or in many small caves on the inner atoll side.  It is the best place to see turtles and napoleon wrasses, often entire families together. 

It is also home to white tip reef sharks lying on the sandy bottom.  Grey reef sharks can often be seen on the corner at a depth of around 30 meters or even sometimes on the top of the reef.  Whale shark and dolphins have been se here at times. This dive is one of our favorites.  When the current is slight to moderate this is a perfect spot for all kind of divers, from beginners to experts, when the current is strong this dive should only be done by experienced divers as a fast descent to the reef is required.  Once on the reef, it is easy to dive on the side without current.