BLU Caves

Boat trip: 30 min
Reef type: reef corner inside channel
Level: intermediate to advanced
Depth: 3-30m

This magnificent and exciting dive site is a channel dive, known for its many caves rich of pristine, lively soft corals and gorgonians. The topography of this location is varied. The slope section starts shallow from 5 meters and continues to 30 meters. Here you can explore the different coral blocks and look out for octopus, shrimps, scorpion fish and lion fish, whilst keeping an eye in the blue where you might see rays, reef sharks or big tunas passing by. The slope then becomes steeper turning into a wall, where the deep divers can dive down to the caves at 25 meters. The current is usually moderate to strong here and the caves are the perfect hide out for divers seeking shelter. Following this section, the reef turns into a bay, where the current usually slows down. Here divers can enjoy the company of many moray eels, and from time to time schools of playful batfish. The bay makes for a great ending to your dive, where you can shallow up and finally perform a safety stop whilst looking down on the busy reef.