Bodu Hithi Thila


Boat trip: 1hr 30min
Reef type: thila
Level: advanced
Depth: 15-30m

Bodu Hithi Thila is a very big pinnacle situated in the channel at the edge of the North Male Atoll. We dive the east side of this huge pinnacle. The top sits at 12 metres, and then gently slopes down to 25 metres. The topography is varied, part sandy and part coral formation. With an outgoing current, we begin the dive on the rich sandy slope. Here divers will admire the schools of jack fish, fusiliers, eagle rays and with a pinch of luck even encounter grey reef sharks passing by. In the deepest section of the slope, you can visit a few small overhangs, filled with small tropical fish, nudibranches and shrimps. In the shallow section of the slope and the top of the pinnacle, divers can encounter friendly turtles, huge napoleon wrasses, octopus and a variety of different moray eels. On occasion, we have also spotted the gracious manta rays here, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these giants. Current varies from moderate to strong, therefore welcoming mainly advanced divers to this beautiful thila.