Bodu Thila

Bodu Thila at Helengeli Island

Boat trip: 5 min (from Helengeli) / 50 min (from Sangeli)
Reef type: thila
Level: intermediate to advance
Depth: 10-30m

Reputably one of the best dive site of the world! The best part of the thila is the side facing Helengeli Island. This dive requires a quick descent into the blue until the corner appears; here you can encounter grey reef sharks, eagle rays and white tip reef sharks. At 30 meters, the thila offers an impressive formation of rocks that form a canyon and overhangs where you can hide from the current and enjoy the sight of one of the best field of fan corals in the Maldives. During the dive, the number of fishes around you is astonishing: schools of snappers are hovering in the current, sharks and tunas can be spotted during the entire dive, and napoleon and friendly turtles are normally on the small plateau at about 20 meters depth. On the top reef there is a large quantity of fusiliers, butterfly fish and many more. The safety stop is normally done by drifting in the blue.