Bodu Thila

To the east of Halaveli, between Bathala Maaga and Medu Faru, are three thilas in close proximity; sometimes they are referred to as Tin Thila.  The largest one is Bodu Thila and is 250 meters long.  The others are Medhu Thila and Kuda Thila. Bodu Thila is the closest to the outside rim of the atoll and has an amazing variety of marine life with spectacular cliffs and overhangs on the south side.  

When an outgoing current is present, it is important to start on the large sandy underwater bay at the western end of the Thila.  On this sandy slope there is a big colony of Gobies, living in close symbiotic relationship with shrimps.  If divers approach the goby very carefully, they are quite likely to see the shrimp at the mouth of the goby’s burrow.  Along the cliff walls and overhangs are thick coverings of large sea fans and black coral bushes.  On the lower slopes are green Elk coral. 

At the south east end is a big cave dropping from the top of the reef to 25 meters where there are sea fans with resident crinoids, large schools of big-eye trevally, humpback red snapper, dark-banded fusilier and many other fish swimming out from the wall.  Many of the ledges start at depth of 25 meters and spiral upwards into the cliff wall.  On the reef top is a lumpy landscape of colorful corals.