House reef clean up at Alimatha!

House reef clean up at Alimatha!

We would like to thank our recent group of divers from Germany, together with the TGI Maldives staff that took the initiative to help clean up debris from Alimatha’s house reef.

Across the TGI centres in the Maldives, we regularly participate in clean ups on our reef. Involving our divers and guests in such events helps to highlight the perilous situation that our Oceans are in, and help protect them for future generations.

Marine debris today is predominantly made up of discarded plastic which takes a very long time to biodegrade. Needless to say this, and any form of debris in the water, is hazardous for both marine life and human beings that rely on the Oceans.

We would again like to thank all the divers and the TGI team at Alimatha.

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