Coral restoration project at Alimatha

Coral restoration project at Alimatha

We are happy to let you know Alimatha Resort have approved our project on coral restoration, which was submitted by Paolo, our marine biologist based there.

Last year ‘El Nino’ – a periodical climate phenomenon causing a temporary warming in sea temperatures – caused a rapid coral bleaching episode in the Maldives. To help the reefs recover, a coral restoration project can be of great assistance.

The ‘Coral Rope’, method suggested by Paolo, is both easy and cost efficient. The concept consists of nursing a large number of coral fragments in a protected sandy area, then once they have grown, to transplant them on the damaged coral reefs.

With this project, we would like to raise awareness about coral bleaching and encourage our guests to assist and participate in our project by helping to collecting the coral fragments with us, as part of the first step of the program.

More updates will follow as the project progresses!