Cuttlefishes in love at Maaya Thila

Cuttlefishes in love at Maaya Thila

It is known that Maaya Thila, a very well know dive site in the Maldives, always offers amazing and sometimes unusual encounters. This time we have been surprised by two giant cuttlefishes that have proven themselves to be in love! We were very lucky to be able to witness the entire flirting and mating ritual of two extraordinary creatures.

It is quite tough to find a female to mate with, and male cuttlefish have to “fight” for a female that will only offer herself to one lucky male. This has resulted in the males having refined their courtship rituals.

To attract a female that is already with another male, some male cuttlefish disguise themselves as females when the other male is not around. Others change colours, as female cuttlefishes are very attracted by flamboyant colour.

Enjoy the video and be dazzled by the amazing courtship behaviour!

A special thanks to Marco Carè for this amazing video.