Dekunu Kandu

Experience level: with less current it is a easy dive for everybody; with medium-strong current, the dive is for advanced dives

Fauna: whitetip sharks, grey reef sharks, eagle rays, napoleons, stingrays, school of humpback, dark snappers and moray eels

Particular features: in the channel you can see a thila from about 20 m to 12 m, where you admire soft corals and a lot of fishes; grey reef sharks and eagle rays only found with ingoing current

During north-east monsoon: with incoming current, start round the corner, but not to far off, because counter-current is possible; first stay shallow, go deeper as you see large school of black snappers, which indicates the entrance of channel; with experienced divers have a look at the ribbon eels; than follow the reef on your right, after the “nose” counter-current is again possible up to the big potato coral

During south-west monsoon: with outgoing current, try not to jump to far in the channel, as in front of the “nose” you’ll have a current against you; take reef to the left; whitetip reef sharks often are sleeping on the sandy slope; if visiting the ribbon eels, it is best to go afterwards straight up on the corner, where you’ll find a nice big coral block (6-8m) with small lobster and soldier fish; finish your dive on the outer reef

Safety considerations: don’t follow the channel edge to far south from the corner, as sometimes it’s not easy to swim back to the main reef