Dhiggiri Kandu

Experience level: experienced divers only

Fauna: fusiliers, jacks, tunas, whitetip reef sharks; with ingoing current grey reef sharks and hammerheads possible

Particular features: channel edge is quite deep, starts at about 40-45 m

During north-east monsoon: mostly ingoing current; reef to the right; as the channel edge is rather deep, not recommended with non-experienced divers; there is a chance to see grey reef and other sharks at the entrance; large schools of jacks; below the edge there are overhangs with big gorgonians

During south-west monsoon: mostly outgoing current; reef to the left; in the channel over the sandy bottom you’ll find some big coral blocks on the reef flat and many fish groups

Safety considerations: if you want to go to the edge, take only experienced divers, as you might get a decompression time