Dhiggiri Tourist Resort

Dhiggiri Tourist Resort is a tropical paradise, surrounded by endless crystal clear waters and beautiful white sand beaches. This island is the perfect destination for all holiday seekers. The fascinating underwater world can be discovered during a vacation at Dhiggiri Tourist Resort. Both experienced divers and beginners can have a fantastic time exploring the submersed beauty of this area of Vaavu atoll.The beautiful Dhiggiri Tourist Resort is close to a wide selection of dive sites in Maldives, some of them protected areas included in the list of the best dive sites of the world. With multicolored fishes, coral gardens and plenty of marine life, this truly is a dream destination.

Diving in the Maldives is a true pleasure for beginners and expert divers alike; the sheer quantity of dive sites, 12 months diving, easy access/proximity to dive sites, abundant and often rare marine fauna make it an incredible dive area. TGI Maldives Dhiggiri Diving Center has been operational since 2006.

TGI Dhiggiri Diving Center organizes every day morning and afternoon diving trips, half and full day diving excursions, night dives and day and night snorkeling trips to the best sites of the Atoll. Felidhoo (Vaavu) Atoll has many famous channel dives, Miyaru Kandu and Fotteyo Kandu just to name two; TGI Dhiggiri visits them all during half and full day trips. Fotteyo is popular for its vertical drop-off and the multi-coloured soft corals while at the same time is one of the places where it is possible to encounter hammerhead sharks. Rakeedhoo is full of fish on the channel side with sharks and Eagle Rays, while on the wall inside the channel all the overhands are covered with soft corals and Sea Fans. At only 25 minutes by dhoni from the island we have Miyaru Kandu, famous for its beautiful drop-off from which it is possible to observe large amounts of sharks and other pelagic fishes.