Featured dive site of the month: Bathala Maaga Kan Thila!

Featured dive site of the month: Bathala Maaga Kan Thila!


Bathala Maaga Kan Thila is a long thila running parallel to the outreef, influenced by medium to strong currents. The positioning of the dive site offers the chance to see both big pelagics and colourful corals – a feature unique to thilas such as this one.

This is a high adrenaline dive and is suitable for more experienced divers that are comfortable in medium to strong currents.

Highlights include:

– Grey reef sharks
– Napoleon Fish
– Turtles
– Eagle ray, stingrays
– Tunas, giant trevallies
– Fire corals

Quote: Why the TGI Maldives team is fond of this dive site?

“Bathala Maaga Kan Thila is a thrilling dive site with the chance for close encounters with grey reef sharks.”

Description of the dive site:

A blue water jump allows a drifting descent to ensure hitting the front of the thila.

Grey reef sharks, tunas and giant trevallies are often met on the approach to the reef. The northern side of the site offers a small cave to explore and a big fire coral block can be found on a terrace extending from the reef.

The terrace provides shelter from the current, and offers the opportunity to observe grey reef sharks close up, moving effortlessly in the swirling currents. Undisturbed by the divers, they are not shy in coming close. During the mating season, keep an eye out for the bite marks on the female – inflicted by the males during their mating routine.

Grey reef sharks are a main attraction of this site, but the site often allows encounters with Napoleons, turtles, stingrays, tunas and eagle rays.