Featured dive site of the month: Bodu Thila

Featured dive site of the month: Bodu Thila


Located east of Halaveli, between Bathala Maaga and Medu Faru, Bodu Thila, as the local Dhivehi name suggests, is a big thila (“Bodu” translates to English as “big”).
One of our scuba divers’ favourite sites, Bodu Thila is suitable for both beginner and expert divers.


– Gorgonians, soft corals
– Garden eels, glass fishes, cleaner shrimps
– Moray eels, groupers
– Octopuses, scorpion fishes
– Jack fishes, grey reef sharks

Why is the TGI Maldives team so fond of this dive site?

“Bodu Thila offers an incredible variety of marine life and a colourful reef. It is a must for all divers!”

Description of the dive site:

With an outgoing current, the dive can start from a huge sandy plateau inhabited by hundreds of garden eels, hiding in their burrows as divers swim by.

At 12 meters on this plateau, a big coral block can be found, covered with glass fish and cleaner shrimps, busy cleaning parasites from moray eels and groupers.

The south side of the Thila offers an amazing variety of topography: huge overhangs, adorned with colourful gorgonians and soft corals alternate with small bays, where the formation of eddies attracts pelagic fish such as jack fish and geven rey reef sharks.

The dive usually ends on the top part of the thila, looking for octopus and scorpion fish. Enjoy the view of the sail-shaped thila from above while completing the safety stop.