Featured dive site of the month: Fish Head!

Featured dive site of the month: Fish Head!


Fish Head is one of the most beautiful dive site in Ari Atoll thanks to its huge quantity of fish.
It is a perfect spot for all kind of divers, from beginners to experts.


– Whip corals and gorgonias
– Turtles
– Squirrelfishes, blue stripe snappers, fusiliers
– Giant trevallies, jack trevallies, tunas
– Grey reef sharks

Why TGI Maldives team is fond of this dive site?

“Fish Head is never disappointing.”
“This dive site pleases even the most demanding divers that have seen it all!”

Description of the dive site:

Under any visibility conditions and whether there is current or not, Fish Head appears as a majestic coral hill lying on a sandy bottom. The jagged top reef is home to different species of fishes.

On the north and east sides, the reef descends almost vertically to over 30 meters. On the other hand, on the south side, between 15 to 18 meters, a large terrace is covered by blue stripe snappers, which makes it looks like it is covered by a yellow and silver cape.

Even the most sharp eye will fail to see through the wall of fishes, as fishes are everywhere. But if luckily a breach is made in the wall, then you will discover the resident turtles perched on the reef, looking for food.

On the west side, drop-offs are covered by whip corals and gorgonias, home to squirrelfishes, whose intense red color contrasts with the dark walls of the caves and the blue of the ocean.

As the thila is close to a channel, we usually make a stop where the current splits as an amazing show takes place: schools of fusiliers move as their predators – jack fishes, trevally fishes and tunas – approach. Fusiliers have synchronized movements, thanks to their lateral line system, and escape the hunters’ constant attacks. We love to watch and be surrounded by this hunting race. If you listen carefully, you can hear the water movements made by thousands of fusiliers, quickly changing direction in an eye blink.

From the top reef at 10 meters you can see grey reef sharks, always peacefully swimming in the current split in deep waters.