Featured dive site of the month: Hafsa Thila!

Featured dive site of the month: Hafsa Thila!


Renowned by divers all over the world, Hafsa Thila is a jewel of a dive site. Get ready for your fix of grey reef sharks encounters!


– Grey reef sharks
– Jacks and trevallies, tunas, fusiliers
– Moray eels
– Oriental sweetlips
– Scorpion fish
– Eagle ray
– Table coral

Quote: Why the TGI Maldives team is fond of this dive site?

“This dive site is perfect for divers that love seeing grey reef sharks and hunting action!”

Description of the dive site:

Although Hafsa Thila is a small thila, it offers multiple landscapes and colourful overhangs inhabited by moray eels and oriental sweetlips.

Along the top part of the thila, scorpion fish can usually be spotted, even if they are perfectly camouflaged on the rocky reef or hidden in huge table corals.

But Hafsa Thila is famous for the constant year round presence of grey reef sharks, moving effortlessly in the swirling currents along the top edge of the reef. Not disturbed by divers, they are not shy in coming close. To top of the dive, great action can be expected by schooling fusiliers hunted by jacks, trevallies and tunas.

Also a resident inhabitant of this thila is a small eagle ray, who has become the main star of several videos and pictures, obviously unaware of being a hit!

A special thanks to Marco Carè for the great pictures taken at Hafsa Thila.