Featured dive site: Halaveli Wreck!

Featured dive site: Halaveli Wreck!


Halaveli Wreck provides a high adrenaline experience and a great memory for all those that love adventure! This dive spot is a very unique site, close to both Halaveli and Maayafushi.


– Nudibranchs
– Mantis shrimps
– Ribbon eels, moray eels
– Stingrays
– Pufferfishes, squirrelfishes, batfishes

Why TGI Maldives team is fond of this dive site?

“As you see the wreck, your heart beats start to increase as you understand you are going to experience an adventure similar to the one described by Jules Vernes in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea!”

Description of the dive site:

The appearance of the wreck creates an illusion making it look bigger than it actually is. The wreck itself is close to Halaveli, with the bottom resting at 28m on the sandy bottom.

With good visibility, you can see the shape from the surface: whereas in case of poor visibility, the wreck appears upon the descent, adding to the adventure and suspense.

Over the years of being submerged, corals and sponges have taken up home on the wreck, and different species of fishes and nudibranchs are residents.

A first tour of the shipwreck is generally done at the bottom, at 28 meters, to check the imposing propeller, which shelters many pufferfishes, and to look for mantis shrimps, ribbon eels and stingrays.

The second round is done at 20 meters, at the same level as the boat deck, to explore the cargo compartments and the wheelhouse. Hiding from the sunlight, you can find squirrelfishes, giving a hint of color in the grey sludgy environment of the floors and walls. Big moray eels can also be found, looking around from their hiding place in ventilation and exhaust pipes.

If the no-decompression limit allows it, the last tour gives a nice general overview of the wreck and the chance to encounter with numerous batfish in the split of the current.