Featured dive site of the month: Manta Point

Featured dive site of the month: Manta Point


Manta Point Bojamadi is an incredibly popular dive site, which is also home to a manta ray cleaning station. It is not surprising therefore, that one of the highlight of this dive site are these majestic rays, that can be seen from December through until May.


– Manta Rays
– Groupers, oriental sweetlips, blue stripe snappers
– White tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks
– Tunas, barracudas, napoleon fish
– Octopus, scorpion fish, parrot fish, mantis shrimp

Quote: Why the TGI Maldives team is fond of this dive site?

“Thanks to the shallowness of the cleaning station and the length of the reef, diving Manta Point is easy and suitable for all divers, offering a great opportunity to see Mantas very close.”

Description of the dive site:

On the south side of the Moofushi channel there is a large plateau at 5 meters’, which drops away to a ledge at 20 meters.

On the east side of this plateau, between 12 and 20 meters, a big coral block can be found which is covered with groupers, blue stripe snappers and oriental sweetlips. From December to May this coral block is a major meeting point for manta rays – patiently waiting to be cleaned by the countless small wrasse.

It is common to stop at the coral block and see these fantastic creatures swimming around during the whole dive. With a medium to strong current, the mantas will hover gracefully above the cleaning station. With less current, the manta rays need to swim a little more and will carry out spectacular swoops and twirls around the cleaning station.

Manta Point also offers a wide variety of other pelagic sightings, such as white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, tunas and barracudas. Aside from these big fish, the great coral blocks on the upper part of the reef are home to scorpion fish, octopus, mantis shrimp, and colorful parrot fish.