Featured dive site of the month: Medu Thila!

Featured dive site of the month: Medu Thila!


To the south east of Maayafushi there are three beautiful thilas in close proximity, sometimes referred to as Tin Thila: Bodu Thila, Kuda Thila and even Medu Thila.

Situated between Bodu and Kuda, Medu Thila is a great site, that never fails to amaze. As well as pelagic encounters, divers can also enjoy a macro fix with nudibranchs and an abundance of wonderful corals.


– Gorgonian fans, soft corals
– Fusiliers
– Grey reef sharks, tunas, jackfish
– Potato groupers
– Oriental sweetlips
– Nudibranchs, moray eels, boxfish
– Octopus, scorpion fish, stone fish

Quote: Why the TGI Maldives team is fond of this dive site?

“Medu Thila offers a wide variety of colourful corals, as well as a good probability of seeing larger pelagics.”

Description of the dive site:

Medu Thila is quite a long thila, about 120 meters long and 20 meters across.

Its main feature is that Medu Thila consists in two reefs connected by a rocky saddle.

The western thila, the larger of the two, has a beautiful top reef with colourful corals. Where the current splits as it meets the oval-shaped thila, it is possible to see grey reef sharks, tunas and jackfish chasing schools of fusiliers.

Further down, the natural bays in the reef and small overhangs are home to large potato groupers.

At 24 meters, the western and eastern thilas are connected by a rocky saddle decorated with by an amazing gorgonian fan. The eastern Thila is a gorgeous pinnacle, 40 meters long by 10 meters large, resembling a billowing sail.

Further south, on the two terraces at 16 and 25 meters, the abundance of yellow and pink soft corals creates an enchanting garden, where a very large school of oriental sweetlips can be found. On the reef below, nudibranchs, moray eels and boxfish swim around.

We usually end the dive on the top part of the thila, looking for octopus, scorpion fish and stone fish, enjoying the view of the sail-shaped thila from above.