Featured dive site of the month: Orimas Thila!

Featured dive site of the month: Orimas Thila!


Orimas Thila is a very beautiful thila and the perfect spot for macro lovers, featuring numerous anemones and clown fish.
This dive site is suitable for both novice and expert divers alike.


– Anemones, clown fish
– Octopus, scorpion fish, ghost pipefish
– Pufferfish
– Flat worms and nudibranchs
– Gorgonian fans, whip corals

Quote: Why the TGI Maldives team is fond of this dive site?

“Orimas Thila is a dive site you will always remember. It is suitable for all divers, even those that have very high expectations from their sightings!”

Description of the dive site:

100 meters long and 30 meters wide, Orimas Thila has a very unique structure and offers different landscapes for those that come to dive here.

At a depth of 18 meters, numerous overhangs that are large enough for divers to explore can be found on the northern side of the thila. Make sure you admire the flat worms and nudibranchs amid the whip corals and gorgonians decorating the caves.

Octopus, scorpion fish and ghost pipefish can also be seen… but in order to spot these masters of camouflage, the dive site should be explored slowly.

The main characteristic of this thila is the carpet created by the numerous anemones and their cute inhabitants, the clown fish. It is amazing to witness the symbiotic relationship between these two!

During the safety stop, a resident pufferfish will be the icing on the cake of your dive!