Go for Nitrox!

Go for Nitrox!

The most common beliefs among divers is that Nitrox is used to dive deeper and is reserved for technical divers… Those are misconceptions! You do not need to dive deep especially in the Maldives where the depth is limited to 30 meters for all-recreational divers. And Nitrox is not exclusively used by technical divers: immediately after your Open Water Diver Course, all recreational divers can become Nitrox divers simply applying for the Nitrox Specialty Course.

During the Enriched Air Diver course, you will learn how to plan dives with Nitrox and how to use Nitrox in a safe way. One of the key point of this course is learning how to analyze your tank – mandatory prior to any Nitrox dive. This course also includes optional dives, therefore you will be able to dive with Nitrox once you passed the theory exam.
To get Nitrox certified with TGI Maldives, contact us!

Why choose Nitrox?

– For longer bottom times:
Due to the lower nitrogen concentration, you can prolong your dive time by absorbing a smaller amount of nitrogen. You will not be forced to ascend as a result of a low no-decompression limit with the normal air divers. Nitrox allows you to extend bottom time at moderate depth.

– For longer repetitive dive times:
Warm waters, great visibility, abundant fish life… with such exclusive diving conditions in the Maldives, you will be tempted to do more than a dive per day! With Nitrox you can! As divers using Nitrox absorb less nitrogen on the first dive, they have longer allowable bottom time on repetitive dives.

– To feel less tired:
After a full-day diving trip you still want to enjoy chilling at the bar, going for a romantic dinner… Using Nitrox reduces nitrogen absorption, which may also reduce divers post-dive fatigue. Although not medically proven, many divers claim to feel less tired when using Nitrox!

– Nitrox is free!
TGI Maldives offer Nitrox for free in all its dive centers to divers participating in a Nitrox Course with TGI. This means that once you will be certified, you won’t have to pay a surcharge for Nitrox.

… Are you still hesitating to become a Nitrox diver?