Ellaidhoo Thila

This a long Thila with a sloping wall just a short distance from Ellaidhoo Island.  At places along the reef of Ellaidhoo Thila there are amazing overhangs and small swim-throughs with a variety of fish. The reef top depth varies from between 5 and 10 meters.  The current normally comes across the reef, so there is always a way to dive there, even when it is quite strong.  Watch out for Eagle rays, Manta rays and huge tuna fish passing close to the surface. 

When the current does not allow it, the best solution is to follow the side from where the current comes, where larges schools of fish hover to feed.  The best part of Ellaidhoo Thila is between 10 and 30 meters.  There are a lot moray eels and all kinds of fishes hiding under big coral heads or in many caves on the inner side and protected side of the Thila.  It is also home to many white tip reef sharks lying on the sandy bottom.  Gray reef sharks can be seen at a depth of approximately 30 meters, they sometimes come near the surface.