Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale at Helengeli Island

Boat trip: 45 min from Helengeli / 1hr 30 min from Sangeli
Reef type: reef corner inside channel
Level: beginner to advanced
Depth: 5-30m

A very nice and easy reef with overhangs from 10 to 30 meters, home of amazing blue, orange and yellow soft corals: Fairy Tale is a diver’s dream spot! Inside the two huge caves don’t be satisfied only by the kaleidoscope of colours but look in between and try to discover nudibranches, flatworms and the skittish little blennies and gobies.
During the south west monsoon, between June and November, large schools of mantas can be observed as the passage gets filled by zooplankton, and they come to feed. Admire them doing circles from bottom to top with open mouth and unrolled lobes. Enjoy your safety stop on the very nice coral garden on the flat reef.