Excursions at Fasmendhoo

Excursions with TGI Maldives Fasmendhoo

TGI Maldives provides several types of excursions, whether you want to relax on a deserted sandbank or go snorkeling and diving to explore the abundant marine life around the atoll. Staying at Fasmendhoo also offers fantastic snorkeling right at your doorstep, with an incredible house reef and an abundant marine life.


Snorkeling Lesson

If you have never snorkeled before or consider yourself a beginner, join our experienced guides for a snorkeling lesson. You will first practice in the shallow waters of the lagoon, to get comfortable with the equipment and learn the proper techniques you need to know for a fun and safe adventure. Once you are at your ease, we will take you to Fasmendhoo house reef to discover a beautiful and abundant marine life.

Guided House Reef Snorkeling

We offer guided snorkeling tours of Fasmendhoo house reef, for those who don’t feel comfortable to snorkel without a guide or simply want to get orientated with our house reef.

Night Snorkeling

Whether on our house reef or on a snorkeling site close by Fasmendhoo, join our night snorkeling tour to discover what happens underwater after the sun goes down. Even if you snorkeled on our house reef before, at night you will witness a new world coming to life under the glow of your underwater light. Our professional guide will show you sleeping fishes as well as other interesting reef inhabitants which only come out at night. Knowing how to swim is mandatory for this activity.

Snorkeling Excursion – Single Location

If you are a good swimmer and a fish lover, we offer snorkeling trips daily to a nearby reef to experience a great biodiversity of fish and corals. Our snorkeling guide will show you the natural abundance of marine life surrounding Fasmendhoo. If you think you are not ready or confident enough for a snorkeling excursion, join our Snorkeling Lesson first.

Manta Quest

An experience of a lifetime awaits just a dhoni trip away from the resort… Join our Manta Quest excursion to have the opportunity to swim close to Manta Rays, graceful and gentle creatures of the ocean. Please note that for this excursion you need to be a good swimmer and to be comfortable with snorkeling equipment.

Turtle Quest

On the bucket list of many guests, the Turtle Quest excursion offers a great chance to swim with turtles in their natural habitat at one of the reefs close by. Please note that for this excursion you need to be a good swimmer and to be comfortable with snorkeling equipment.

Full Day Diving

There is no better place than the Maldives to embark on a dive trip! Join our full-day 3 dive excursion to beautiful dive sites in Raa Atoll. Our diving instructors will guide you during the dives and help you discover the underwater wonders of the Maldives. Please note that this excursion is on request.

Dolphin Cruise

Enjoy a ride on our dhoni with the local boat crew, searching for pods of joyful dolphins. Try your luck and come with us to see the most amazing animals in the sea; take a great shot of those graceful creatures while they are spinning or doing other acrobatics. You could see the Bottlenose, the Spinner or even, perhaps, the Pilot Whales!

Sunset Cruise

Join a relaxing and romantic cruise on the deep sea on our dhoni, the maldivian traditional boat. Soft drinks will be served on board during the cruise. With a bit of luck, you may even see playful dolphins jumping around the boat – an unforgettable experience!

Visit Local Village

For a glimpse of the Maldivian way of life, visit Meedhoo, a local fishing village. See the mosque where villagers do their daily prayers, the boat yard and the shops in the main street where you can find sarongs, T-shirts and other souvenirs. Please note that most local shops accept only cash payment, therefore we suggest you to bring some cash in order to be able to purchase anything you would like to buy.

Traditional Sunset Fishing

The beauty of a glorious sunset matched with the fun fishing! Our experienced dhoni crew will take you to their best fishing spots and help you get a great catch. Enjoy the view of the sun slowly sinking into the Indian Ocean, the stunning colors of the sky and the peace and tranquility of a couple of hours on a dhoni.

Sandbank Excursion

Another wonderful way to explore the Maldives is to visit a deserted sandbank. Splash in the shallow lagoon water, snorkel around the colorful reefs or simply relax and enjoy the warm sun on the beach. Before returning to the boat, don’t forget to take some pictures, sandbanks are the perfect backdrop for some incredible photos! Please note that this excursion is on request.

Private Boat Hire

Charter your own boat and enjoy a relaxing cruise around the island. Visit sandbanks, snorkel amazing reefs or simply sunbath. The boat can be hired for as long as you wish, and up to a full day. The half day excursion includes snacks, fruits and soft drinks, the full day excursion also includes lunch. For more information, come and see us at the dive center.

Excursions on request

The above are our regular scheduled excursions and activities, we are happy to tailor make any combination of the above activities on private boat hires (dhoni or speed boat), snorkeling, diving, or just cruising, the choice is yours. For more information, come and see us at the dive center.

Photo & Video Services

TGI Maldives dive center also offers a variety of services such as private photo or video shooting sessions both above and under the water.