Fesdu Wreck

Fesdu Wreck is the wreck of a 30 meters coastal fishing trawler that lies upright on the bottom at 20 meters with the bow facing almost north.  The top of the wheelhouse is at 24 meters and the propeller is at about 27 meters.  Coral is already well established on Fesdu Wreck, and a couple of good sized black coral bushes are growing off the stern.  Among the superstructure are moray eels and in the engine room are big groupers. 

The wreck lies at the end of a small Thila that is about fifty meters out from Viligilee Falhu reef.  The top of the Thila is at 12 meters and is usually visible from the surface.  There is extensive soft and hard coral growth all over the Thila and plenty of fish life, few caves and little coral rock formation.  Usually we start our dive on the wreck and finish it on the small Thila.