Fish ID: Eagle Rays of the Maldives!

Fish ID: Eagle Rays of the Maldives!

It could be said that there are not many more beautiful sights in the ocean that a squadron of eagle rays cruising past, or a lone ray hanging in the current.

Eagle rays are towards the top of most divers’ must see list, and the dive sites of the Maldives offer incredible opportunities to see them.

Occasionally seen in large groups, eagle rays are just as comfortable cruising the oceans on their own, looking for food in the sandy bottoms of the channels that can be found around the Maldives’ atolls.

Their unique mouths are shaped like that of a duck, which allows them to burrow through the sand to find small mollusks and shrimps that form the basis of their diet. Their long tail is harmless, and is often snapped shorter after encounters with predators.

The TGI Maldives team often encounter eagle rays, even in the lagoons at the resorts! Keep your eyes open!