Fish ID: The Frogfish

Fish ID: The Frogfish

Several dive sites around TGI Maldives dive centers are great for macro diving. If you are a fan of the little creepy-crawlies, you surely love the funky frogfish. We have collected some interesting frogfish facts for you to appreciate your next sighthing even more.

Frogfish are primarily known for being stocky predators that have an amazing ability to camouflage themselves. They can blend in perfectly with the reef and wait for their prey to swim or crawl past. When near, they can jet propel themselves along the reef and strike rapidly to catch their pray. Using a wriggling lure to attract prey, they can have a meal ready in as little as 6 milliseconds.

Here are some additional interesting facts about these little monsters:

  • Frogfish come in various colours, depending on the habitat. They can be white, yellow, beige, red, black, even pink.
  • Frogfish are carnivores, their main diet consists of fish and crustaceans.
  • Frogfish can swallow prey that is twice as big as themselves. They have the ability to expand their mouth to 12 times its normal size. Frogfish don’t have teeth, so they swallow their pray in once piece.
  • Frogfish rarely swim. If you are lucky to see them move, you will notice they crawl on the reef
    using the modified pectoral fins.
  • Although they move very slowly they, ironically, have the fastest strike speed of any other animal on the planet.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that you spot a frogfish on your next diving holiday in the Maldives. During your dives stay close to your eagle-eyed TGI Maldives dive guide to increase your chances!

A special thanks to Marco Carè for the great picture!