Fish ID: Octopus

Fish ID: Octopus

One of the weird and the wonderful creatures that can be found at several dive sites around TGI Maldives’ dive centers is the octopus.

The octopus is unique for its appearance alone, with its massive ball-shaped head, large eyes, and eight distinctive arms. But by far the most striking characteristic of the octopus is the wide array of techniques it uses to avoid attackers.

Its predominant line of defense is its ability to hide in plain sight. The octopus can instantaneously match the colour, pattern and even texture of its surroundings. If it does get discovered, it can release a cloud of black ink to buy itself some time to escape.

With its soft body, the octopus can squeeze into tiny little cracks where its predators can’t follow. If everything else fails, it can simply lose an arm and regrow it later with no permanent damage.

Octopuses are an inspiration for monster stories, and a luscious ingredient to many dishes, so the next time you see one, wherever that may be, remember that it’s one of the ocean’s trickiest and most intelligent inhabitants.

And to spot one in its natural habitat in the Maldives, connect with TGI Maldives – we’ll receive you with open arms!