Another master of disguise: the frog fish

Another master of disguise: the frog fish

Just like the stone fish and the ghostpipe fish, the frog fish is another master of camouflage, able to change its colour and form.

This very funny looking master of disguise may have a few lumps on its skin and can be different colours: yellow, pink, red, green or black, with red or brown spots. Unable to move properly, the frog fish uses its small fins to make what can only be described as little jumps. Lukily, its camouflage techniques are a great defense to avoid any predators.

Only expert eyes and a bit of luck make it possible to find a frog fish underwater, but our diving instructors at Maayafushi recently managed to find one.

Meeting this fascinating little creature is always a thrilling experience and it is the ideal model for underwater photographers. We are waiting for you to come and dive with us and look for a frog fish together!

A special thanks to Marco Carè for the great picture!