Full face mask diving with TGI Maldives

Full face mask diving with TGI Maldives

Have you ever wondered how diving with a full face mask would feel and what the benefits are?

The full face mask is a combination of mask and regulator in a single unit, allowing for a wide field of vision and the ability to breathe through the nose, rather than the mouth…! With the full face mask you can also say goodbye to jaw discomfort and mask fogging. Another feature of this system is the ability to add underwater communication with other full face mask divers in the water or on the surface.

Safety, comfort and adventure are some common goals for all divers that are dependent on scuba equipment. With the full face mask you will get there by enhancing your future diving experiences in a safe and comfortable way.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our PADI Full Face Mask Speciality course at our TGI Maldives dive centers at Helengeli and Sangeli. The course includes a confined water session in the shallow water, to learn the necessary skills to dive safely and become familiar with the equipment, followed by two open water dives where you will become comfortable diving with the Ocean Reef Full Face Mask.

Pictures by Chien Yu Chin.