Experience level: also for beginners, if conditions are suitable

Fauna: whitetip reef sharks, napoleons, turtles, garden eels, school of black snappers, scorpion fish and soldier fish

Particular features: the bed of channel is sandy; there are many garden eels and whitetip reef sharks

During north-east monsoon: mostly incoming current, as the channel is quite narrow; current can be very strong, not so on the outside over the sand bed, where you can find whitetip sharks sleeping; normally current on the outside flows north; in the channel both reef sides are beautiful

During south-west monsoon: mostly outgoing current, both sides are beautiful to dive; channel becomes narrow at the exit, where you’ll find shortly before the giant corals; outer reef starts with two sand slopes, where you can find whitetip sharks and lots of garden eel; it’s nicer to finish the dive with the reef on your right

Safety considerations: with incoming current, be careful as the channel in some part is narrow and you can find counter-current