Ghadaffi’s Place

Ghadaffi's Place at Helengeli Island

Boat trip: 30 min from Helengeli / 50 min from Sangeli
Reef type: giri
Level: beginner to advanced
Depth: 1-30m

This beautiful reef, located almost at the end of the North Male atoll, can be reached by Dhoni in 30 minutes. You can start the dive on both sides of the reef and reach the corner at the north. The reef presents gentle slopes, from 5 to 20 meters, with sand patches and coral blocks full of glass fish. Dive over the nice hard corals, through the schools of fusilier, blue-striped snappers and two-spot red snappers that inhabit this site. Look on and above the sandy bottom, maybe white tip reef sharks, napoleon or turtles can pass by. Finish your dive on the corner, where a gorgeous coral garden can make your safety stop “an aquarium experience”.