Ghost pipefish at Dhiggiri!

Ghost pipefish at Dhiggiri!

A few days ago, during an introduction dive, our beady eyed instructors, Ahmed and Luca, had a very unusual encounter… They managed to spot an ornate ghost pipefish on a black and white crinoid, beneath Dhiggiri’s jetty.

Ghost pipe fish are one of the master’s of camouflage in the ocean, and are incredibly difficult to find. Appearing for just a few weeks at a time and staying in a specific place, ghost pipefish are so named for their ability to simply vanish from their home, never to be seen again.

When ghost pipefish reproduce, the female can carry up to a staggering 350 eggs – even more amazing when you consider they spend most of their days swimming upside down.

If you are also keen on the small creatures of the ocean, the Maldives is one of the best places for macro life!

Thanks to Luca and Ahmed for these great images.