Golden Wall

Experience level: Experienced divers only, especially with stronger currents.

Fauna: Expect to see Napoleons, turtles, moray eels and a lot of reef fish. In the blue water pegalics can often be seen passing by. A large wall that’s packed full of yellow, blue, pink and white soft coral (alcyonaria).

Particular features: Caves and overhangs. Beautiful soft corals covering the wall.

During the North-East Monsoon: The current usually flows from North to South so the reef will be on your right hand side. Caves and overhangs can be found inside the channel. Turtles can often be found on the top reef.

During the South-West Monsoon: The current usually flows from South to North and puts the reef on your left hand side.

Safety considerations: Not recommended to dive here when there are big waves.