Green Sea Turtles nesting at Sangeli

Green Sea Turtles nesting at Sangeli

A few days ago, a female Green Sea Turtle visited Sangeli at night to dig a nest and lay her eggs. Green Sea Turtles are a globally endangered species of sea turtles and, together with the Hawksbill Turtles, the most commonly observed turtles in the Maldives.

Interestingly, female turtles find their way back to the area where they came into this world as tiny hatchlings and often travel miles and miles from their feeding grounds to the mating grounds. A female doesn’t reproduce every year, but will make 2-5 nests every 2-4 years, making the ones at Sangeli island highly important.

Luckily, the nesting was observed without disturbing the mama turtle and a protective cage has been placed around the nest to ensure safety of the eggs. If all goes well, the baby turtles should emerge in two months, given the +/- 60 day incubation period of Green Sea Turtle eggs.

Green Sea Turtles only reach sexual maturity after more than 20 years and, unfortunately, less than 1% of the hatchlings will reach this age. Nevertheless, we are very excited to have the turtle nest here at Sangeli and will do everything we can to protect the nest and help the hatchlings safely reach the ocean when they emerge.

Maybe our help can give them a little head start in life and hopefully many of the roughly 80-120 baby turtles expected to emerge from the nest will grow up to be the magnificent underwater animals as we know them.

Fingers crossed and stay tuned for updates!