Guruwa Faru

Boat trip: 40 min
Reef type: reef corner inside channel
Level: beginner to advanced
Depth: 5-30m

Guruwa Faru is a corner dive in the channel facing the North Male atoll’s reef edge. The reef starts shallow at only a few meters of depth, sloping gently down to more than 30 meters. This location is especially indicated for advanced divers that will drop here and conduct the deepest part of their dive in the colorful slope. Here you can admire the rich tropical fish life that inhabits the area, whilst attempting to spot octopus, peacock mantis shrimps and nudibranches. At the end of the slope, you will reach a corner which is best to explore at around 20 meters. Following the corner, divers will visit a small pinnacle located in the neighbouring sandy area, hoping to encounter white tip reef sharks and stingrays. Finally, you can end the dive in the shallow sloping reef.