Hafsa Thila

Hafsa Thila is one of the dive site with the most fish we have. You will see schools of Big Eyes, Blue Striped Snappers, Big Eyed Jack and Fusiliers. As soon as you start making your descent down to Hafsa Thila you will be greeted by a number of Surgeon Fish who want to play in the bubbles that you exhale. Once on the reef you will not know where to look due to so many thing to be seen at the same time. At depth there are a number of Gray Reef Sharks that cruise along the bottom. There are good number of large Tunas that can be observed hunting the Fusiliers. Many Moray eels live on the Thila, Look for octopus and scorpion fish. With some luck you might even find a Mantis Shrimp. Sometimes turtles pass through here and there is also an eagle ray that likes to hang out on the reef top. Unforgettable dive!