Up close and personal with eagle rays at Halaveli

Up close and personal with eagle rays at Halaveli

Given that different ray species, including stingrays, manta rays and eagle rays, like to linger around the Constance Halaveli Resort, these wonderful creatures have become one of our favourite marine animals.

Last week guests staying at Constance Halaveli Maldives have been lucky to see the beautiful eagle rays – without even having to go snorkelling or diving. These stunning creatures regularly pay us a visit, and this time three of them came very close to the main jetty.

Looking close at the video below, these 3 eagle rays didn’t come to feed, but they came to mate. It was most probably two males chasing a female, prior to mating.

Usually these big and beautiful fish are seen alone, but occasionally swim in a group. Your best chances to see a whole squadron of eagle rays is while diving in one of the channels around Halaveli where eagle rays feast on the big amounts of food the currents bring into the atoll.

Seeing an eagle ray in its natural environment is a special privilege that we too often take for granted. If you are interested in learning more about the Maldives’ sharks and rays, don’t miss out our specialty courses, focusing on these incredible creatures and the need to protect them!