TGI Diving Halaveli Excursions

The Maldives hold many delights and beautiful spots for you to discover, as such at TGI we offer several types of boat excursions. These excursions cover a wide range of activities from simply doing nothing on a deserted sandbank to snorkeling on beautiful reefs or even immersing yourself in the local culture by visiting a local village where not much as changed in the last 100 years.


Snorkeling for Beginners

Is it your first time snorkeling? A bit nervous about all the fish and being in deep waters? Then join our patient experienced guides for a short instruction session in the lagoon, followed by a snorkeling trip at a very shallow water location. They will gently guide you and show you the basics of snorkeling. You’ll love it and then you’re ready for one of our boat excursions.

Sunset Snorkeling

Enjoy the day’s closing with a dip in the water. Come and discover the magic of this very special moment of the day, join us in watching how fish activity and colors changes underwater. Enjoy then a magnificent ride back to the island as the sun is setting. This trip is tailored to suit everyone, beginner or experienced snorkeler, as long as you are a good swimmer and a fish lover! If you don’t feel confident you can participate in the “Snorkel for beginners” program prior to participating in this excursion.

Night Snorkeling

You will see the colors of the reef in their full splendor and marine fauna & flora which you can’t see during the day – a truly unforgettable experience. Each small group will be accompanied by a professional guide; snorkeling vest and torch are obligatory and provided for your safety, comfort and enjoyment.

Snorkeling Exploration – Single Location

This 30 to 40 minute trip out to a nearby snorkeler’s paradise will allow you to experience the wonders of the underwater world.  Swim along the reef and look out for giant porcupine fish, Hawksbill turtles, clouds of orange Anthias and if you are lucky you may meet Napoleon fish or Rays.  This trips is tailored to suit everyone, morning or afternoon, beginner or experienced snorkeler, as long as you are a good swimmer and a fish lover!  If you don’t feel confident you can participate in the “Snorkel for beginners” program.

Snorkeling Extravaganza – Multiple Locations

One of the all-time favorite snorkeling excursions, a very special trip… welcome aboard our Dhoni and visit the open-water reefs of North Ari Atoll. We will take you to two or three different Thilas (local name for reefs), the best snorkeling sites around the atoll, each one with its own special characteristics: turtle, manta rays, corals and schools of colorful tropical fish, a real treat for all admirers of the underwater world. Being open water reef we would like to highlight the fact that for this excursion you need to be a good swimmer and to be comfortable with snorkeling equipment. Do not hesitate to inform our island hosts if there is any particular place that you wish to visit. If you don’t feel confident you can participate in the “Snorkel for beginners” program.

Full Day Diving

We offer full-day 2-3 dive excursions to distant dive sites in Ari atoll and even other atolls such as North Male, South Male, Rasdhoo or Vaavu Atoll, including Manta Ray cleaning stations and areas where Whale Sharks can be found.


Traditional Sunrise Fishing

Greet the day on board of a Dhoni and go fishing like the locals do it. In the early morning our experienced Dhoni crew will take you in the best fishing spots and will help you catch the next dinner.  Enjoy the amazing sunrise of the Indian Ocean, the colors of the sky and the peace you will only find early in the morning out at sea.

Traditional Sunset Fishing

The beauty of a glorious sunset matched with…the fun fishing!  Our experienced Dhoni crew will take you to their best fishing spots and help you to catch the next day’s dinner.  Enjoy the view of the sun slowly sinking in to the Indian Ocean, the stunning colors of the sky and the peace and tranquility of a couple of hours on a Dhoni.

Traditional Night Fishing

Maldivian people have been fishing on a line for centuries only what was needed was caught. Come with us night fishing our Dhoni crew will share with you some of their tricks. Leave Halaveli to go to the best secret fishing places.

To ensure the preservation of billfish stocks, we have a 1 bring home catch per person, and a “Tag and Release” policy unless the captain deems that the fish is injured and will not recover.

Dolphin Adventure

Enjoy a ride on our “Dhoni” with the local boat crew, searching for pods of joyful dolphins. Try your luck and come with us to see the most amazing animals in the sea; take a great shot of those graceful creatures while they are spinning or doing other acrobatics. You could see the Bottlenose, the Spinner or even, perhaps, the Pilot Whales!

Stargazing Cruise

Come and experience the beauty of a clear Maldivian evening where the night sky is simply bursting with millions of glittering stars and there is no light pollution. Lay back on the top deck of one of our traditional dhonis, chill out, bask in the satisfied knowledge that the 9 to 5 rat race is far far away and feel yourself fade into the starlit evening. Our knowledgeable staff will share with you the night sky secrets, elaborating on the night stars and planets.

Sandbank Magic

Another wonderful way to explore the Maldives, we visit a sandbank and another resort. First we stop on a sandbank and enjoy the warm sun, white sand and turquoise waters. Swim, snorkel, or just lie on the beach. Then onwards to a beautiful reef for some snorkeling.

Sunset Cruise

A relaxing and romantic cruise on the deep sea on a traditional boat, the “Dhoni”. While enjoying the lovely cruise you can enjoy a beautiful sunset on the open deck. Our friendly crew members will serve you Sparkling Wine and chef’s special canapés. With a bit of luck you may even have Dolphins entertain you with their dance to the rhythm of the waves under the beautiful sunset: an unforgettable experience!

Private Boat Hires

Spend a whole day on our Dhoni, for a relaxing cruise. Experience the North Ari and Rasdhoo Atoll areas of the Maldives, scattered across the Indian Ocean.  Take the opportunity to snap some breathtaking photos on this trip.  During your cruise, our friendly crew will serve you the picnic lunch on the open deck.  Special arrangements, including visiting other resorts, local fishing villages or open water snorkeling points can be requested through the dive center or excursions booking desk. See our A La Carte Excursion menu and create your own unique excursion.

Excursions on request

The above are our regular schedule excursions and activities, we are happy to tailor make any combination of the above activities on private boat hires, fishing, snorkeling, diving, or just cruising are all possible… the choice is yours. Enquire directly at the dive center or at the guest relations booking desk.

Photo & Video Services

The TGI Dive Centre also offers a variety of services such as private photo or video shooting session both above and under the water.