Hani Kandu Corner

Hani Kandu Corner at Helengeli Island

Boat trip: 20 min
Reef type: reef corner inside channel
Level: beginner to advanced
Depth: 5-30m

Hani Kandu Corner is a typical corner dive in the channel with nice vertical drop-offs and slopes. Very nice cracks and overhangs at 25 to 30 meters, covered by yellow soft corals; you can also admire lots of fan corals and midnight corals. Depending on the currents’ direction, you might encounter grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, napoleons, tunas, eagle rays and turtles. Small critters such as nudibranches, flatworms, crabs, boxer and mantis shrimps live here as well: keep your eyes wide open. The safety stop can be done on the top reef with the company of sweetlips, snappers and lots more to be found hiding in the coral blocks.