Dive Sites

Aladin Reef
Aladin Reef at Helengeli Island
Situated inside a channel along a reef tongue, Aladin Reef is a colourful curved wall along with several overhangs and caverns at depths between 15 and 30 meters. With stronger currents... Read More
Ali Giri
Ali Giri
This tiny round shaped reef is found inside the North Male Atoll. This pinnacle starts at 2 meters and slopes down to 25 meters. If current allows, divers can circle the pinnacle on one dive. Read More
Ali Reef
Ali Reef
This channel dive is the house reef of Gamarugiri, a factory island producing tissue paper. Depending on the current, which can be light to strong, divers will drop either side... Read More
Asdhoo Canyon
Asdhoo Canyon at Helengeli Island
Asdhoo Canyon is where the Fairy Tale channel reef stumbles and falls onto the atoll floor with a ragged slope and some craggy overhangs. The corner, at about 15 to 20 meters... Read More
Asdhoo Giri
Asdhoo Giri at Helengeli Island
Close to Asdhoo Canyon, inside on the sandy bay, you can enjoy the rich fish life while diving around the 2 Giris. Look for small things such as flatworms, nudibranches, boxer shrimps... Read More
BLU Caves
BLU Caves
This magnificent and exciting dive site is a channel dive, known for its many caves rich of pristine, lively soft coral and gorgonians. The topography of this location is varied. Read More
BLU Manta
Blu Manta at Helengeli Island
A newly discovered manta cleaning station located on the inside reef of Fairy Tale. From May to November, due to the high concentration of plankton, mantas gather in this particular lagoon. Read More
Bodu Gaa
Bodu Gaa at Helengeli Island
It’s a typical long outer reef with a gentle slope going down to 30 meters that extends to the open ocean. Some nice cracks and overhangs at about 20 to 25 meters... Read More
Bodu Gaafaru
Bodu Gaafaru
Located inside the North Male atoll, this giri is known for its many small overhangs filled with marine life. It is a particularly good dive site for macro. First a slope, then a small wall... Read More
Bodu Hithi Thila
Bodu Hithi Thila is a very big pinnacle situated in the channel at the edge of the North Male Atoll. We dive the east side of this huge pinnacle. The top sits at 12 metres... Read More
Bodu Thila
Bodu Thila at Helengeli Island
Reputably one of the best dive site of the world! The best part of the thila is the side facing Helengeli Island. This dive requires a quick descent into the blue until the corner appears... Read More
Din’gaa Faru
Mantis Shrimp Hafsa Thila TGI Maayafushi
This dive spot is macro paradise. Starting from 5 meters, the gentle wall goes down to 20 meters. It is a shallow, relaxed dive, that invites divers to focus on looking out for the smaller critters. Read More
Doris Caves
Doris Caves
Doris Caves is a typical corner dive in the channel of Ali reef. The particularity of this site lies in its very shallow caves, starting at only 12 meters. There are multiple caves of different sizes... Read More
Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale at Helengeli Island
A very nice and easy reef with overhangs from 10 to 30 meters, home of amazing blue, orange and yellow soft corals: Fairy Tale is a diver's dream spot! Inside the two huge caves... Read More
Fledermaus Reef
Fledermaus Reef at Helengeli Island
This reef, on the north part of the atoll, has a beautiful wall ending on a sandy bottom at a depth of 25 to 30 meters. Scan the cracks in the reef, looking for small nudibranches, flatworms... Read More
Ghadaffi’s Place
Ghadaffi's Place at Helengeli Island
This beautiful reef, located almost at the end of the North Male atoll, can be reached by Dhoni in 30 minutes. You can start the dive on both sides of the reef and reach the corner at the north. Read More
Guruwa Faru
Guruwa Faru
Guruwa Faru is a corner dive in the channel facing the North Male Atoll’s reef edge. The reef starts shallow at only a few meters of depth, sloping gently down to more than 30 meters. Read More
Hani Kandu Beyru
Hani Kandu Beyru
Located in the outer reef just 10 minutes boat ride away from Helengeli. It is especially indicated for beginner divers due to its calm and stable conditions. There is usually a very light current... Read More
Hani Kandu Corner
Hani Kandu Corner at Helengeli Island
Hani Kandu Corner is a typical corner dive in the channel with nice vertical drop-offs and slopes. Very nice cracks and overhangs at 25 to 30 meters, covered by yellow soft corals... Read More
Hani Kandu Thila
Hani Kandu Thila
This exciting Thila is located in the Hani Kandu Channel. The top reef starts at 7 meters and drops down to 30 meters. The deep section is characterised by two small overhangs... Read More
Helengeli Corner
Helengeli Corner South
This corner is located right in front of Helengeli Island. The direction of the dive depends on the current. With out-going current, we jump inside and dive towards the corner. Read More
Kagi Kuda Kandu
Kagi Kuda Kandu at Helengeli Island
This channel's entrance has a step only 8 meters deep. A slope was never this pretty: soft and hard corals imitate the most ornate of gardens. Beyond the plateau, the reef drops down to 30m... Read More
Kuda Faru
Kuda Faru at Helengeli Island
Kuda Faru is located inside the North Male Atoll. It is a big round-shaped reef, that starts shallow at only 5 meters and drops to 25 meters. The surroundings are sandy... Read More
Kuda Giri
Kuda Giri at Helengeli Island
The top of this small giri starts at 5 meters depth. One side has a gentle sandy slope with many coral blocks where you can admire a variety of colourful reef fishes such as basslets, wrasses... Read More
Kuda Helengeli
Kuda Helengeli Corner
Kuda Helengeli Corner is a typical corner dive in the channel of Helengeli. It is one of our most interesting dive sites, characterized by big overhangs filled with soft corals. Read More
Kuda Helengeli Beyru
Kuda Helengeli Beyru
This outer reef is located just 10 minutes away from Helengeli. The best part of the reef is shallow, starting from 5 meters and down to 15 meters. Friendly turtles have often been spotted here... Read More
Kuda Thila
Scorpionfish Maldives
This small thila is located behind Helengeli Island. The top is at 6-7 meters and it slopes down to about 30 meters. On the south west side of the thila there is a plateau full of hard corals. Read More
Maha Faru
Maha Faru at Helengeli Island
This spot is located inside the North Male atoll. It is the outer part of a lagoon, starting shallow at 5 meters, the slope then goes down to 30 meters. At the bottom, a sandy area... Read More
Maha Thila
Maha Thila at Helengeli Island
Maha Thila is situated west of Helengeli and is one of the liveliest sites of the area. This thila is relatively small and can be dived all the way around. It is a reef with many sides... Read More
Miyaru Faru
Miyaru Faru
Miyaru Faru is located at the very edge of the Atoll’s drop-off. The reef starts at 1 meter and drops to more than 30 meters. Divers will follow the slope until they reach a plateau at 30 meters. Read More
Miyaru Faru Thila
Miyaru Faru Thila
This small teardrop-shaped pinnacle is located close by Miyaru Faru reef. The reef and Miyaru Faru Thila are usually dived together, with this tiny pinnacle being the perfect spot... Read More
Olhahali Caves
Olhahali Caves
This site is the house reef of Olhahali Island, located at the edge of the North Male Atoll. Divers will begin their dive at the outer reef corner. The slope starts shallow at 5 meters... Read More
Razzag Place
Razzag Place at Helengeli Island
The reef has four huge overhangs and caves on the wall. The first two overhangs are terraced and start at 25 meters. The third one is at 15 meters and can be reached by passing through a hole. Read More
Arguably one of our most exciting dives, Saddle is a small pinnacle located just in front of a channel reef at the edge of the Atoll’s drop-off. This site is best to dive on incoming current... Read More
Sylvia’s Place
Sylvia's Place at Helengeli Island
Sylvia’s Place is a beautiful and colourful outer reef dive. This long reef has a plateau starting at about 4 meters depth and goes down to 18 meters, followed by a drop off... Read More
Trix Caves
Trix Caves at Helengeli Island
Trix Caves is a reef full of overhangs. Even with strong currents, there will always be a place to shelter and snoop between the sea fans and brightly coloured soft corals... Read More
Vashimas Thila
Vashimas Thila
Located a few kilometres southwest of the island Enbadhoo, this dive site consists of a pinnacle with a deep top reef starting at around 15 meters. The slope goes down to more than 30 meters... Read More