Kagi Kuda Kandu

Kagi Kuda Kandu at Helengeli Island

Boat trip: 30 min from Helengeli / 1hr from Sangeli
Reef type: channel crossing
Level: intermediate to advanced
Depth: 5-30m

This channel’s entrance has a step only 8 meters deep. A slope was never this pretty: soft and hard corals imitate the most ornate of gardens. Beyond the plateau, the reef drops down to 30 meters, here you can often find stingrays and whitetip reef sharks nestled on the sand. When the current is in-going, look into the blue, you might spot eagle rays and grey reef sharks sailing in the stream. On the two sandy areas, at about 18 meters depth, you can encounter again sleeping whitetip reef sharks. This spot is a divers’ dream.