Kuda Giri

Kuda Giri at Helengeli Island

Boat trip: 10 min
Reef type: giri
Level: beginner to advanced
Depth: 1-30m

The top of this small giri starts at 5 meters depth. One side has a gentle sandy slope with many coral blocks where you can admire a variety of colourful reef fishes such as basslets, wrasses, cardinal fishes, angelfish, butterfly fishes, snappers, parrotfish and many more. The other side of the reef has a wall with interesting overhangs and cracks at 12 and 20 meters, where you can search for boxer shrimps, mantis shrimp and different kinds of invertebrates. On the bottom at about 25 to 30 meters you can sometimes spot a whitetip reef shark resting on the sand and, in the blue, eagle rays and jackfish often visit the spot.