Kuda Thila

A small (kuda means small in the local language Dhivehi) round reef near Bodu Thila. The Kuda Thila reef starts at 4 meters and ends at 35 meters on the sandy bottom. We can only dive there when the current mild or moderate, as since the Thila is quite small, we have to dive around it more than once. A single round takes about 20 minutes. We start the dive usually at 20-25 meters and slowly go around while ascending and finishing the dive at 5 meters. 

The coral is very well preserved at Kuda Thila and a good hiding place for several beautiful marine life such as the Stonefish, Lionfish, Scorpion Fish, Octopus, Moray eels and many more. There are some small caves on the drop off. The reef top is particularly nice with several colorful acropora corals.  It is possible to observe grey sharks, eagle rays and tuna fishes passing by. There is a permanent school of red snappers on one side and a very large school of yellow striped snappers around the 20 meters mark.